We understand that mothers often have questions about breastfeeding.  Our pediatricians are able to help troubleshoot most common nursing problems, but we also have a lactation specialist in our office to assist our mothers.  She rotates through our office on a bi-weekly basis, but can also give assistance over the phone if needed.  She can help with all questions related to breast feeding and pumping, including latching difficulties, painful nursing and low milk production.  


We also have a registered dietician to help with general nutrition concerns.  Some common problems she helps parents with are obesity, picky eating, poor weight gain, vegetarian/vegan diets and food allergies.  She is a great resource to help our parents and families meet their healthy eating goals. 

ADHD Coach

ADHD and inattention/school concerns can be very distressing to both parent and child.  We are very pleased to have an ADHD coach to help families and patients deal with the everyday issues that arise for children with ADHD.  She is able to demonstrate a variety of behavioral techniques to help manage symptoms of ADHD and will focus on certain obtainable goals and give strategies to help with school and home life.  She is a great resource for our families!

Clinical Care Manager

We understand that having a child with a chronic problem, such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, depression and anxiety, can be stressful for parents to manage at home.  To assist our parents, we have two RNs on our staff that are clinical care managers who work with families of children with chronic or complex medical issues.  They can assist with telephone follow up calls, discussion on medications and side effects, coordination of specialist referrals and follow ups to name a few issues.  

Community Resources

Rockford Pediatrics provides a list of community resources (dental, transportation, interpretive services, counseling, and housing) just to name a few. Click on Community Resources to view a complete list of services.

We are here to help! If you are a family in need, please ask a staff member for assistance.