What to expect at baby's first doctor appointment 

Baby's first checkup

You visited the doctor so often when you were pregnant that you were on a first-name basis with the staff, but now it's your baby's turn to get acquainted with Dr. Stransky and Dr. Alt! The lineup of well-baby check-ups during the first year includes at least 7 visits to your pediatrician: usually 3 to 5 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

Frequent appointments are the best way to get expert answers to your questions and to make sure your child is on track both physically and developmentally.  And remember, at Rockford Pediatrics we are available 24/7 and will always treat your children as if they were our own.  

At your baby's first appointment, we will check on many things including: feeding, weight, jaundice, sleep, stools plus complete a full head-to-toe physical exam. 

A few pointers for your first visit: 

What and Who to Bring
We encourage both parents to come to the first visit. The first appointment is a great way to meet our staff and get all your questions answered. It is helpful for parents to bring any discharge information they received from the hospital. Also, we encourage families to visit our website and print off the new patient forms ahead of the visit. This will save you time in the office.

You should contact your insurance company after the birth of your child to make sure that he or she is added to your policy. We would like families to bring an active insurance card to their first visit or as soon as they receive it.

Shots & Vaccines
We follow the AAP guidelines for immunization administration closely. The first set of shots starts at the two month appointment. So don't worry if you have any questions as you will have several visits before the two month check to have them answered. We are a pro-vaccine office.  In order to maintain the safest environment for our families, we require patients to obtain a basic level of immunizations.

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, we will ensure that your baby is gaining weight appropriately. We schedule weight checks as necessary so parents will feel comfortable that their child is growing normally. We work closely with the lactation consultants in the hospitals to ensure that mothers have the resources they need, even after leaving the hospital.

Digestive Patterns
Baby's bowel movements vary in terms of color and consistency. We know how excited you are to discuss this issue in detail!

Sleeping Patterns
It is not uncommon for newborns to sleep 18 hours a day at first. Most of our growth is done in our sleep. Babies typically double their birth weight by five months of life!  Even though babies sleep a lot, it may feel like you aren't getting much sleep. Don't worry! It will get better and we will try to help you get them on a good schedule.

If you're interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Alt or Dr. Stransky, give the office a call at 616-259-6100.